Welcome to Ricks Place!

We are an half way house for horses.   We take pride in turning the average horse into a well behaved and useable trail/family horse.

We are a  place to find the horse of your dreams, find the saddle that fits right or the trailer to haul your horse in. You will find us friendly, informative and eager to help you find your special friend. Our horses are healthy, happy, current on coggins and handled and ridden regularly

. Come look around there's plenty of room to shop at Rick's!

214 802 0214

or email at rickharvey10@yahoo.com

All horses wil have a current coggins and will have been wormed recently.  .  We cant guarantee our horses as they are an unprdictable animal.  We do not sell horses on the internet unless we believe them to be of good mind and sound.   If you want a vet check, that expense is on you. 

We also cant be responsible for the behavior/or health issues   of any animal after it leaves our property   We will do our best to provide you with all information known on each horse we sell.    Please ride and check your horse out before you purchase him.  

We accept credit cards, cash and local checks.  

214 802  0214

For information of the horses above please view our horses for sale page orclick here